Due to an oversight in renewing the domain name for EDINBURGH-OLDTOWN.COM we lost it!
….and someone else has bought it and taken over that domain name. However, we managed to purchase OLDTOWN-EDINBURGH.COM which is just as good and have uploaded the original Old Town site.  So Edinburgh-Oldtown.com is no longer associated with EDINBURGH SITES but www.oldtown-edinburgh.com is.

We also lost EDINBURGH-MORNINGSIDE.COM and someone else has purchased that domain name, therefore that domain too is no longer associated with Edinburgh Sites…. but the good news is we have secured MORNINGSIDE-EDINBURGH.COM so our Morningside site will also be up and running again shortly.

We are currently reviewing, renewing and re designing all of  our Edinburgh websites…. what is they keep saying? ‘Build Back Better?’